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Personal Injury Law

If you have been injured as a result of a car, bicycle, motorcycle, bus, train or pedestrian accident, slip/trip and fall, construction site accident, nursing home mistake, or product liability, the personal injury law firm of Katzman & Katzman, P.C. is the firm to turn to for expert legal representation.

When you’re pursuing a claim for personal injury or wrongful death, you deserve the best legal representation available.

At Katzman & Katzman, P.C., that means that founding attorney Mitchell Katzman:

  • Provides personal attention
  • Listens to you
  • Returns your calls
  • Keeps you informed
  • Has almost thirty years of experience in handling personal injury claims
  • Will meet you where you need to meet
  • Focuses on achieving outstanding results for you and your family

Although there are many personal injury lawyers in Massachusetts, the number of accomplished trial lawyers is relatively small. Located in Boston, Katzman & Katzman, P.C. is one of the most experienced and respected personal injury law firms in Massachusetts, with a record of achieving excellent results for our clients.

We won’t try to impress you with big numbers

Many personal injury firms try to impress prospective clients with large verdicts and settlements flashing on their websites. We do not do this out of respect for both our past and future clients, and because each and every case is unique. We have maintained our hard-earned reputation for almost 30 years, and believe it speaks louder than any flashing dollar amount ever could.

We represent individuals who have suffered injuries and the families of those who have been killed through the wrongful conduct of others. We take this responsibility seriously and bring a passion for the law and unsurpassed standards of preparation, and commitment to every case.

Car Accidents

Many car accident victims and their lawyers make the mistake of treating car accident cases as routine. The manner in which Mitchell Katzman approaches motor vehicle accidents is anything but routine. He brings the same high-quality legal representation to persons injured in car accidents as he brings to the other types of injury cases that we handle. Indeed, we believe 30 years of experience with all manner of personal injury cases, from “simple” negligence to the most complex cases, makes our approach to motor vehicle cases unique – and better for our clients.

The fact is that properly handling a car or motor vehicle accident claim is far from simple or routine. These claims often involve

  • Complex issues of insurance coverage
  • Primary and third party liability
  • Statutory and evidentiary issues
  • Proper coordination of benefits between no-fault, health insurance, liability coverage, underinsurance and third parties

Attorney Katzman’s experience in representing car and bicycle accident victims has resulted in substantial recoveries for victims of almost every kind of vehicle accident imaginable, including cases involving injured pedestrians, passengers, bicyclists, and drivers. Investigating and proving negligence cannot be an afterthought.

To be truly successful, a motor vehicle negligence case must be pursued immediately and aggressively by a lawyer with experience and integrity. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, attorney Katzman provides just that. Mitchell Katzman is a dedicated personal injury attorney, who represents those who have been injured in a car accident, whether it be as a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian, a motorcyclist or a bicyclist.

Located in the financial district of Boston, Massachusetts, the office is easy to reach by car or public transportation. If you are unable to come to the office, home and hospital visits are available. Initial consultations are free.

Other Services

Katzman & Katzman provides other legal services, including:

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